Looking to be a LEADERS or VOLUNTEER?

Parents are asked to volunteer in some way to help the pack go. There are many small volunteer positions that make a BIG difference.

Registration forms for new leaders can be obtained from council office or from the committee Chair. Training is provided by the BSA for a nominal fee. Leaders must first complete Youth Protection training and then Fast Start Training. This can be done online at Next, leaders are asked to attend Cub Scout Leader Position Specificeither online or at a council sponsored training. The online training is free, the council sponsored training is $10. Leaders meetings are held monthly and are open to all interested parents as well as leaders and committee members.



Registration fees and Pack Dues for new scouts are $250 and continuing scouts are $200, due at the time of application. These fees cover charter registration fees, insurance fees, and a one-year subscription to Scout’s Life. These rest of these funds are allocated by the treasurer and pack committee to cover pack and den expenses but most go toward advancements.

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