Why Join Scouting?

So Why Join Cub Scouts?

Your time is valuable. Today’s families, more than ever, struggle to find time to spend together.  Cub Scouting helps to support your family by providing ready-made opportunities for you and your son or daughter to do things together.

We all want our kids to be active. It’s a fact that children today have more opportunity to stay sedimentary than ever before!  Digital media is everywhere.  According to Parents Council on Physical Fitness: “The video game epidemic is draining imagination and desire for physical activity right out of the American child.”  Cub Scouting creates an environment that allows the child to get up, get out, and do something.  Our sports and academic programs as well as our rank specific programs, gets the kids up and out on their feet.  It exposes them to just about every sport and academic subject there is.  It is a proven fact that 86% of Cub Scouts go on to join additional sports, academic and civic organizations due to the exposure they got through our scouting program.

We all want our kids to belong to a group of peers their own age. Through this sense of belonging, he/she builds their self-esteem and learns to get along with others.  As a parent, you also want to be assured that the group your child joins will teach the values consistent with good citizenship, good behavior, character development and physical fitness.  The Boy Scouts of America has been weaving these lifetime values and educational activities for over 100 years.

We all want our kids to “do their best”. In a society where your child is taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches them to “do their best” and to be helpful to others.

We all want more time with our children. Scouting has been teaching family values for over 100 years.  The program works to strengthen your relationship with your child.  Scouting activities can bring added value to the time you already have with your child.

 All of this is great from a parent’s point of view; but we know that the kids do not join Cub Scouting for character building; Kids join because it’s FUN!