Meet Our Committee Leaders

Martin MinogueChartered Organization Representative

Responsibilities:  He is appointed by the chartered organization to serve as its official Scouting representative and is registered as an adult leader of the BSA.  The chartered organization representative’s responsibilities are to help select the leadership for the unit, to serve as liaison between the unit and the organization, to promote the recruiting of new members, to help with the charter renewal.  He is also responsible for representing the organization at the council level.

Jacque Vandekieft/Holly Reder-Bobbe Council Committee Chair

Responsibilities: Member of the chartered organization and is the Cub Master’s chief adviser. The pack committee chair’s job is to supervise pack committee operations; by presiding at pack leader meetings, assigning duties to committee members, and planning for pack charter review and registration. The committee chair is also responsible for approving bills before payment by the pack treasurer, and working with the Charter Organization Representative to provide adequate and safe facilities for pack meetings.  The final and most important role of the Chair is to oversee and Support the Polices of the BSA.

Michael Wetherell – Pack Secretary

Responsibilities: Keep minutes for Pack Committee meetings and distribute them to the Pack Committee in a timely manner. Send out notices to the Pack (either via mail or email) for upcoming Pack events and Committee meetings. Keep a current copy of the Pack roster and keep attendance for meetings. Write thank you notes to anyone who provides help to the Pack and take care of other correspondence. Oversee and update the Pack Website and Facebook page. Create and provide pack announcements for release to local media and organizations within the community.

Holly Reder-Bobbe – Pack Treasurer

Responsibilities: Help the pack committee and Cub Master establish a sound financial program for the pack. Open and/or maintain a bank account in the pack’s name and arrange for all transactions to be signed by any two of the Cub Master, Pack Committee Chair or Treasurer. Approve all budget expediters. Check all disbursements against budget allowances and pay bills by check. The pack committee chair should approve bills before payment.  Collect dues from parents at the pack meeting.  Give receipts for these funds and deposit the money in the bank account. Lastly, but most important is to keep up-to-date financial records for the pack.

Jessica Bell – New Member Coordinator

Responsibilities:  To serve as a welcoming ambassador to new parents and returning parents.  To promote family involvement for all pack functions. Share the benefits of Scouting.  Coordinate unit recruitment.

Kim Desmond – Advancement Coordinator

Responsibilities: To create and organize Pack Advancement reports to use when ordering badges and insignia from the local council service center. Promote the use of Lion Scout, Tiger Scout, Cub Scout and Webelos Scout den advancement charts to record advancement in the den and as an incentive for advancement. Obtain and organize each Scouts’ Pack Record of Advancements and Awards. Order and organize all advancements for every pack night and Blue & Gold Ceremonies.

Kelly Johnson – Fundraising Chair

Responsibilities: Responsible for securing fundraising opportunities and for planning those fundraising events (enlisting the help of the others). Responsible for all monetary collections at fundraisers. Responsible to file the Unit Money-Earning Application, with Council for all money collecting ventures except popcorn sales.

Kelly Johnson – Popcorn Kernel

Responsibilities: Coordinate this major fundraising effort for the pack. Attend kickoff meeting.  Distribute sales material to scouts, explain rules, etc. Schedule Show and Sells with local merchants and schedule Scouts and parents to work. Acquire prizes and incentives. Collect orders from scouts and turn in orders to District Office by due date. Pickup popcorn and distribute to scouts. Collect money from scouts and turn into Pack Treasurer.

Deanna Vormittag – Special Events Coordinator

Responsibilities: Planning and oversight of all Civic events such as Parades and Town beautification projects and for registering the pack with the Town for those events.