Overnighter Trip

Every year we plan a 1 night overnight trip for the pack to attend.  It’s an educational and exciting experience for scouts to enjoy with the pack and their family.  Each year we do something different.  See the images below for locations of some of our past overnight trips.  

2023 | Intrepid Air and Space Museum – New York, NY
At Operation Slumber our scouts got exclusive access to the ship and Space Shuttle Pavilion, and slept among the aircrafts, just like enlisted sailors once did.  Private flashlight guided tours of the flight deck and the other museum exhibits, meals on the mess deck, simulator rides, and lots of hands-on educational activities.  An experience they will not forget. 
2022 | Battleship Cove – Falls River, MA

With Five National Historic Landmark US Naval ships and other craft, Battleship Cove is America’s Fleet Museum. We experienced firsthand what it was like to serve on board a navy warship from the WWII era. We slept in authentic sailors’ racks, built of tough cotton canvas stretched across a sturdy aluminum frame.  These racks gave us a firsthand feel of what it was like to be a sailor in World War II. For more information on Battheship cove visit their website: www.battleshipcove.org